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Chicago Teachers Strike 2016...To Pickup or Not.

 The Chicago teachers union might strike in 2016? Do you know why? Take our quiz on this issue to see if you qualify to Pract The Facts and discuss this issue in our forum. 

Click here to take the quiz and comment.

Chicago Red Light Cameras

What do you know about the red light camera program in Chicago? Is the program life saver or is it a cash cow for the city? We have developed a set of quizzes to test your knowledge on this subject. The better informed you are the better decisions you make on how to manage this issue. See if you know enough to Pract The Facts on this issue and comment in our forum. Can you get 80%? 

Click here to take the quiz and comment.

Who Pays For Police Misconduct..A Look At Police Misconduct Settlements in Chicago

In November a video tape was released showing a Chicago police officer shooting a young black man 16 times. The young man died and the police officer was arrested and will be tried for the shooting. Before that however the city council of Chicago paid the family of the young man close to 5 million dollars as a settlement over the event. This is just one of the payouts from the city for police misconduct which in total have been about $450 million dollars over the last 10 years...Take the quiz and comment on this issue.

VW Scandal Lesson Plan and Discussion Forum..Pract The Facts!!

How would you feel if you bought a car and found out that it was sold to you based on fraudulent information?  That is the case with the millions of Volkswagen owners who just found out that the car they bought is not what it was advertised to be.  It was recently discovered that Volkswagen installed a cheat device on its diesel engine cars that would allow the cars to pass emission test.  Once the test was over the cars emissions far exceeded the levels required by the Clean Air Act....Read More....Go To Lesson Plan and Discussion Forum

The Ethical Dilemma When Buying Your Clothes

Ethical Vs. Price....Which Do You Choose?

Did you go shopping today? Have you recently bought a new pair of shoes, jeans, suit, dress, or any other items of clothing? On the surface this may be as simple as paying for something that you need or like however if you look beyond the price tag you may be making an ethical statement as well. Have you ever thought about where some of your name brand clothing comes from? What about some of the clothes you buy from your favorite brands or department stores. If you had to choose would you still buy these clothes if you knew that they were made at manufacturing plants that were unsafe and used children as cheap labor? Read More and Pract The Facts in our online discussion forum..

Lesson Plan Available for Teachers and Parents..Click to View.

To provide the student with information so they can make a decision on:

  1. Which is better a cheap price on the backs of cheap labor or pay a higher price and provide fair and safe conditions for the workers who make the clothes?
  2. What do they think should happen to the companies who support these manufacturing methods?
  3. Determine if the working conditions of the laborers are bad or good.
  4. Will ethics play a role in their decision making process when buying clothes?


Atlanta Teachers vs Bankers...Is Justice Equal? (Lesson Plan Available)

Teachers or Bankers….Who really should be in Jail?

 Early this year several teachers in the Atlanta school district were sentenced to jail for falsifying tests results.  While what they did was illegal some believe the sentence was too harsh for the crime. Many point to the fact that bankers who were primarily responsible for the financial hardship of millions were never convicted of anything. The actions with the two types of crimes are examples of why our justice system seems to be unfair......Read More!

Lesson Plan Available. Click Here.

Baltimore Peaceful Protest...216...24....39000 hours... Time is on Their Side!

In April of 2015 the news media focused heavy on the riot that happened in Baltimore Maryland.  The riot took place amid the controversy of the killing of an African American man by police during an arrest.  The media coverage would give the impression that the riot was typical of the type of protest which followed the death of Freddie Gray however based on the facts it was not. There were nine days of peaceful protest following the death of Freddie Gray. During the peaceful protest a separate incident of violence occurred for about 24 hours.  For the most part the protest were peaceful and we think this should have got more coverage than that one day of violence considering how tolerant......Read More

Lesson Plan Available

Do Comic Books Help Improve Reading Skills and Current Event Awareness?

Can Superheroes Help Improve Reading skills and Current Event Awareness


Every year it seems that the summer movie season contains a blockbuster centered on a comic book superhero.  These movies attract millions of fans many of whom first started their relationship with these characters through comic books.  While too many comic books appear to be a form of entertainment for children containing simple text and pictures…to others they serve an important role in the education process.  Research exist to support the fact that comic books can enhance both reading skills and awareness of current events in it readers.  This is especially true in the case of children/students.  According to Dr. Claudia McVicker of Southern Illinois University comic books can increase inference skills...Read

Lesson Plan Available

California Water Restrictions....Should Bottle Water Companies Operate During the Drought?

Lesson Plan Available

In April of 2015 Jerry Brown the Governor of California issues water restrictions for the State of California. The restrictions call for a 25% reduction by all users in the state except farmers. Farmers are exempt because they are already under water restrictions.  Trying to find a solution to this problem is going to be difficult and will require sacrifice.  The use of water by agriculture and the bottle water industry is being scrutinized during this crisis.....Read more and Pract the Facts!

Lesson Plan Available

Our lesson plan on this topic is a great way to
introduce your student to the issues of water scarcity worldwide as well as in
the United States.
  To view the California Water Restriction lesson plan click here.

McDonald's and The Minimum Wage. Is it Time To Raise The Minimum Wage?

Lesson Plan Available

There are indications that the efforts by people lobbying for an increase in the minimum wage are starting to reap rewards. As a long opponent of the increase, McDonalds’s recently announced that they are increasing the minimum wage in their company stores.  They are not the first, with many states, as well as other large retailers, already making the change. However this issue is far from over. With respect to McDonald’s there is still the challenge of getting its franchisees to make the change.  The President is lobbying for an increase in the federal minimum wage to.........Read more and begin to Pract The Facts

Lesson Plan Available

Our lesson plan on this issue is a good way for parents and teachers to introduce student to an issue that could have an important affect on their lives.  The lesson plan consists of a lesson plan outline (which includes discussion questions, key words, and references), a PowerPoint presentation with videos, and quiz. To view the lesson plan click here.

Does SAE Fraternity Have a Racist Culture?

In March of 2015 members of the Oklahoma chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity were caught on video singing a chant that was demeaning to African Americans. The racist overtones of the chant contained the use of the N word as well as referencing the lynching of black men.  This act put the fraternity in the national spotlight.....read more.

Lesson Plan Available. Does a racist culture exist within the Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity?

Ferguson Missouri By The Numbers

Ferguson Missouri By the Numbers. Why data is important.

Go to lesson plan

(Data such as this can tell you a lot about a city.)

Sometimes if you analyze the numbers you can tell a lot about the people the data is about. Demographic data is statistical data about populations and the groups within that population. The shooting of an unarmed young black man in Ferguson Mo. was an unfortunate tragedy for not just his family but for all young black men living in the United States. An incident like this opens up the discussion to problems we have in this country which can be analyzed using demographic data........Read More and Pract The Facts!

Scecurity Problems and the Cloud

Security Problems in the Cloud....Is it the Cloud or is it you? (Lesson Plan Available)

The recent hacking of the Cloud poses many issues with respect to Internet security. Just recently a hacker infiltrated the Cloud system and stole very sensitive photographs of celebrities and distributed them over the Internet. See cbsnews.com/news/jennifer-lawrence-mary-elizabeth-winstead-hacked-how-safe-are-your-cloud-photos-and-data/ . So to Pract the fact is this a matter of Cloud security or is this matter of personal discretion by the users….should you be more careful with what you put on the Internet. According  to Richard Mogull, CEO of security research and advisory firm Securosis “For the most part, yes.....Read more and Pract The Facts.

How Safe is the Cloud Lesson Plan


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