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Pract The Facts...Charter Schools in Chicago

Pract The Facts Chicago….Does School Discipline Translate to better Academic Performance?

Charter schools in the Chicago area have been scrutinized lately over their disciplinary policies. According to an article in the Chicago Tribune (CPS: Expulsion Rate Higher at Charter Schools), charter schools suspend students at their schools at a higher rate than the Chicago Public School system. Do these higher suspension rates translate to better academic performance?

Watch the video and Pract the Facts.

Pract The Facts..Should We Legalize Marijuana?

The Marijuana Debate

According to a Gallup poll it looks like more Americans agree that marijuana should be legal. See the video:


Do the research and Pract The Facts

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Discrimination in Arizona

Discrimination In Arizona

Arizona may enact a new law which would allow for legal discrimination of members of the Gay and Lesbian community..... however it might go further than that.Pract the Facts on this one and lets see what you think!



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Are We Exposed To Too Much Information?

How much information are you exposed to per day?

Number of daily words consumedSource: HMI Report/UC San Diego


Practical Learning is about managing the information that you are exposed too. Feel like you are overwhelmed by the amount of information you receive every day. Is it hard to tell what is important and what isn't? One reason may be due to the amount of information you are exposed to on a daily basis. How much?? Try over 100,000 words a day!  Read More...

Do We Need A Hike In The Minimum Wage

Do We Need To Raise The Minimum Wage?


Where do you stand on the subject of the minimum wage? Whether you agree or disagree with the hike it will undoubtedly have an effect on millions of people in the United States. Can you make an argument for or against and support it with references? Click to Pract The Facts.

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Pract The Fact...Capitalism

How accurate is this video which describes some aspects of capitalism. You be the judge when you Pract The Facts. GO


Using Adult Learning Techniques To Teach Practical Learning To Students.


Practical learning is the process of teaching students relevant information that allows them to use the things they learn in school. In teaching practical learning to students, teachers should not be handcuffed to strictly the pedagogical methods traditionally used to teach children. Instead they should include andragogical methods used in teaching adults learners.

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Funding Practical Learning Programs

What We Could Do With 60 Billion A Year Instead of Tax Cuts. (Not what you think.)

Before I start I must admit to you that this is not about what you think.  This is not about my opinion on the tax cut debate.  Yesterday I was doing some research on the web when


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Lets Talk!

Practical Learning Online Adult College Student Discussion Forum 


At Practical Learning Online we understand that there are times when you would like to talk with someone who may be experiencing some of the same things you are going through with your courses or college. 

Well this is the place. Click below so you can begin to Pract the Facts.

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Why It Is Important To Have A Good Financial Plan When Starting Your College Education

Consumer Agency Helping For Profit College Students


In an effort to protect student consumers who are enrolling in for profit colleges the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has filed a civil complaint against ITT College and is contemplating filing a similar complaint against Corinthian College. According to the article,  For-profit colleges accused of coercing students into costly loans, “the complaint alleges that ITT employees illegally coerced some of its most vulnerable students into taking out high-interest private loans when their federal aid was not enough to pay its tuition.”  So what does this mean for
you? Let's Pract The Facts!  Read More


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Unemployment Rate For College Graduates Lower When Compared to Other Workers

A recent study in the current issue of Current Issues In Economics and Finance suggest that the unemployment rate for new college graduates is the highest that it has been in the last 20 years. The good news is that compared to other workers the unemployment rate for college graduates (not recent) are lower than any other group. See how we Pract The Facts. Read the whole story.....

Unemployment Rates for Recent College Graduates

And Other Groups unemployment


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The Adult Learner.....Is This You?

Many of you who have come to this site are probably either participating in an adult centered academic program online or thinking about doing so in the future.  While many of the sites which discuss adult learners and their use of online programs are centered around academics this site has been designed to speak to you the student. There is a great deal of information about you the adult learner and your use of online programs to further your education.  Here are some facts which may be of interest to you.

Are you ready for Online Classes?

Online courses are becoming an important part of the education process and if you are an adult learner looking to continue your education you will probably be taking one of many.  For those who are first timers to this type of instruction there may be some apprehension about the process.  Some of the typical questions are centered on the time involved, writing skills, and the lack of personal attention if needed. These are all valid claims however with the proper preparation you should have no problem being successful in your online class. Read More.

Pract the Facts Is Now Online....Improve your researching skills today!

As an adult student looking to go back to school, or in the process of working toward a college degree, an important part of the process is doing good research. Practical learning believes that the best way to support any analysis whether in a political discussion with your co-workers, a sports discussion between friends, or when presenting your position in an academic setting, it is important that you know how to do the research so you can support your positions. At Practical learning we call this the ability to Pract The Facts .   When you Pract The Facts you make the information presented to you relevant by verifying its accuracy. When you Pract The Facts you provide support for information you are presenting to someone else.  

Can you Pract the facts?  Is what you see what you get?  This course teaches your student how to find truth in the abundance of information he or she is bomabarded with through various media outlets. How accurate is this ad?


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Prepare Your Students for the Future With Practical Learning Online

Good decisions are an important part in the development of today's students. There is no doubt that a student’s success in school, a job, or in self-employment is influenced greatly through the development of good decision making and critical analysis skills. Today educators are realizing that it is important that the development of these skills be incorporated into a school's academic framework, but with so much emphasis on raising test scores time to practice these skills in school are limited. Take the next step in helping your child have a productive future by using the tutors or curriculum provided by Practical Learning Online.

Life Skills Course is now Online

Why Teach Consumer Education ?

Our society is consumer oriented.  Our consumption of goods and services make up an important part of the everyday lives of people all over the world.  The way we particpate in the marketplace is constantly changing and the providers of these goods and services are continully one step ahead of consumers so that the advantage is always in their favor. There is no doubt that to equalize this advantage education is the key.  Educated consumers make intellegent decisions about purchases and allows consumers to equalize the playing field between themselves and businessess that provide the goods and services.  Teaching students Consumer Education provides them with the life skills necessary to participate intellegently in the worldwide marketplace that exist today.

Go to the Life Skills course page.

Entrepreneurship Course Is Now Online

Why should your child learn about entrepreneurship?

Many children go through elementary and high school with the goal of getting a good education and then get a good job.  Very seldom is there a connection between getting a good education and owning your own business for students at these levels.   At Practical Learning Online we believe that students should be introduced to self-employment as a viable means for them to make a living and support themselves one day.  Our basic entrepreneurship instruction uses practical learning techniques to teach students basic principles and concepts they need to decide if entrepreneurship is an option for them one day.  

As best said by Junior Achievement,
"While schools might not be adequately addressing the topic, business leaders agree that entrepreneurship adds value to the workplace. In a separate national study conducted by Gallup for Junior Achievement in November, 2008, in which 1,100 employees and those responsible for hiring decisions at their companies were surveyed, 61 percent of both groups indicated that being entrepreneurial at their companies was either "very" or "somewhat" important. And, the overwhelming majority of those responsible for hiring decisions at their companies surveyed -- 95 percent -- said that it was important for the American workforce to become more entrepreneurial to remain competitive in a global economy."  (Junior Achievement of Southwest Texas, September 2009.)


Goto Entreprenuership Course



Student Activities and Learning Sessions

Parents Help Your Student Learn To Pract The Facts!

Research is an important part of any academic endeavor and there is no doubt that a successful student is one who can Pract The Facts. At Practical Learning Online we provide tools to help your student get the practice he or she needs at doing good research. Engaging students in critical thinking with Pract The Facts is good for both their academic career and the ability to make good life decisions. To read more information about our progams click the links below:

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Will Your Degree Pay ?

The Hottest College Majors

You will spend a lot of time and money to obtain that degree. If you have not made a decision on what to major in this article by U.S. News and World Report will be of value to you. If you are not sure about what you want to major in contact us at Practical Learning Online and we can help you make that decision.

Read the article

Experts Agree That Practical Learning is Important in Student Development.

What the experts say.

"One of the primary goals in education is to assist students in developing effective critical thinking skills."  (McMillan, 1987; Paul, 1993; National Institute of Education, 1984).


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Practical Learning in Style

Practical Learning in Style 


It is good to hear that at least at the college level educators are getting noticed for using practical learning techniques to enhance the learning process. According to the Ledger.com Florida Southern College has been awarded a price for its effort to require students to apply their lessons in practical ways. 


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Practical Learning and Vocational Education 

If you have considered using Practical learning as a foundation for you or your student’s education, then I would like to suggest to you to consider an age old discipline, Vocational education.   Vocational education has been around a long time, and has played an important role in providing skilled labor across the country for years.  As far back as 1862 with the enacting of the two Morrill Acts,


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