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Why does the NBA need Donald Sterling to leave?

Did the Donald Sterling event open the door for competition in professional basketball?


Could competition be lining up to challenge the NBA?


According to one economist a boycott of the NBA due to the racist statements of Donald Sterling would do little damage to him or the league. In fact this same economist stated that it may be do more damage to the players in terms of lost revenue........Read more and Pract The Facts.

Pract The Facts...Charter Schools in Chicago

Pract The Facts Chicago….Does School Discipline Translate to better Academic Performance?

Charter schools in the Chicago area have been scrutinized lately over their disciplinary policies. According to an article in the Chicago Tribune (CPS: Expulsion Rate Higher at Charter Schools), charter schools suspend students at their schools at a higher rate than the Chicago Public School system. Do these higher suspension rates translate to better academic performance?

Watch the video and Pract the Facts.

Pract The Facts..Should We Legalize Marijuana?

The Marijuana Debate

According to a Gallup poll it looks like more Americans agree that marijuana should be legal. See the video:


Do the research and Pract The Facts

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Discrimination in Arizona

Discrimination In Arizona

Arizona may enact a new law which would allow for legal discrimination of members of the Gay and Lesbian community..... however it might go further than that.Pract the Facts on this one and lets see what you think!



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Are We Exposed To Too Much Information?

How much information are you exposed to per day?

Number of daily words consumedSource: HMI Report/UC San Diego


Practical Learning is about managing the information that you are exposed too. Feel like you are overwhelmed by the amount of information you receive every day. Is it hard to tell what is important and what isn't? One reason may be due to the amount of information you are exposed to on a daily basis. How much?? Try over 100,000 words a day!  Read More...

Do We Need A Hike In The Minimum Wage

Do We Need To Raise The Minimum Wage?


Where do you stand on the subject of the minimum wage? Whether you agree or disagree with the hike it will undoubtedly have an effect on millions of people in the United States. Can you make an argument for or against and support it with references? Click to Pract The Facts.

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Using Adult Learning Techniques To Teach Practical Learning To Students.


Practical learning is the process of teaching students relevant information that allows them to use the things they learn in school. In teaching practical learning to students, teachers should not be handcuffed to strictly the pedagogical methods traditionally used to teach children. Instead they should include andragogical methods used in teaching adults learners.

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Funding Practical Learning Programs

What We Could Do With 60 Billion A Year Instead of Tax Cuts. (Not what you think.)

Before I start I must admit to you that this is not about what you think.  This is not about my opinion on the tax cut debate.  Yesterday I was doing some research on the web when


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Practical Learning Online Adult College Student Discussion Forum 


At Practical Learning Online we understand that there are times when you would like to talk with someone who may be experiencing some of the same things you are going through with your courses or college. 

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California Water Restrictions....Should Bottle Water Companies Operate During the Drought?

Lesson Plan Available

In April of 2015 Jerry Brown the Governor of California issues water restrictions for the State of California. The restrictions call for a 25% reduction by all users in the state except farmers. Farmers are exempt because they are already under water restrictions.  Trying to find a solution to this problem is going to be difficult and will require sacrifice.  The use of water by agriculture and the bottle water industry is being scrutinized during this crisis.....Read more and Pract the Facts!

Lesson Plan Available

Our lesson plan on this topic is a great way to
introduce your student to the issues of water scarcity worldwide as well as in
the United States.
  To view the California Water Restriction lesson plan click here.

McDonald's and The Minimum Wage. Is it Time To Raise The Minimum Wage?

Lesson Plan Available

There are indications that the efforts by people lobbying for an increase in the minimum wage are starting to reap rewards. As a long opponent of the increase, McDonalds’s recently announced that they are increasing the minimum wage in their company stores.  They are not the first, with many states, as well as other large retailers, already making the change. However this issue is far from over. With respect to McDonald’s there is still the challenge of getting its franchisees to make the change.  The President is lobbying for an increase in the federal minimum wage to.........Read more and begin to Pract The Facts

Lesson Plan Available

Our lesson plan on this issue is a good way for parents and teachers to introduce student to an issue that could have an important affect on their lives.  The lesson plan consists of a lesson plan outline (which includes discussion questions, key words, and references), a PowerPoint presentation with videos, and quiz. To view the lesson plan click here.

Does SAE Fraternity Have a Racist Culture?

In March of 2015 members of the Oklahoma chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity were caught on video singing a chant that was demeaning to African Americans. The racist overtones of the chant contained the use of the N word as well as referencing the lynching of black men.  This act put the fraternity in the national more.

Lesson Plan Available. Does a racist culture exist within the Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity?

Ferguson Missouri By The Numbers

Ferguson Missouri By the Numbers. Why data is important.

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(Data such as this can tell you a lot about a city.)

Sometimes if you analyze the numbers you can tell a lot about the people the data is about. Demographic data is statistical data about populations and the groups within that population. The shooting of an unarmed young black man in Ferguson Mo. was an unfortunate tragedy for not just his family but for all young black men living in the United States. An incident like this opens up the discussion to problems we have in this country which can be analyzed using demographic data........Read More and Pract The Facts!

Scecurity Problems and the Cloud

Security Problems in the Cloud....Is it the Cloud or is it you? (Lesson Plan Available)

The recent hacking of the Cloud poses many issues with respect to Internet security. Just recently a hacker infiltrated the Cloud system and stole very sensitive photographs of celebrities and distributed them over the Internet. See . So to Pract the fact is this a matter of Cloud security or is this matter of personal discretion by the users….should you be more careful with what you put on the Internet. According  to Richard Mogull, CEO of security research and advisory firm Securosis “For the most part, yes.....Read more and Pract The Facts.

How Safe is the Cloud Lesson Plan

Nations High School Seniors Lacking Critical Thinking Skills

Nations Report Card Shows Nations High School Seniors Are Lacking in Critical Thinking Skills

A recent study by the NAEP (Nations Report Card) showed that our nation’s high school seniors are lacking in critical thinking skills. According to the article National Report Card: High School Students Lack Critical Thinking Skills, only 4 out of 10 students tested were proficient in math and reading.  One of the reasons for this is “Students who reported rarely or never discussing reading interpretations in class averaged lower scores than those who had such discussions daily.”  This seems to be a trend. The same study in 2005 showed that only 6% of 12th graders exhibit critical thinking skills with respect to written text (Perie, Grigg, and Donahue, 2005).  In this same study the researchers found that only 15 percent of 12th graders can write organized essays with well defined clear arguments.

Why this is important: Read More......


Why It Is Important To Have A Good Financial Plan When Starting Your College Education

Consumer Agency Helping For Profit College Students


In an effort to protect student consumers who are enrolling in for profit colleges the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has filed a civil complaint against ITT College and is contemplating filing a similar complaint against Corinthian College. According to the article,  For-profit colleges accused of coercing students into costly loans, “the complaint alleges that ITT employees illegally coerced some of its most vulnerable students into taking out high-interest private loans when their federal aid was not enough to pay its tuition.”  So what does this mean for
you? Let's Pract The Facts!  Read More


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Unemployment Rate For College Graduates Lower When Compared to Other Workers

A recent study in the current issue of Current Issues In Economics and Finance suggest that the unemployment rate for new college graduates is the highest that it has been in the last 20 years. The good news is that compared to other workers the unemployment rate for college graduates (not recent) are lower than any other group. See how we Pract The Facts. Read the whole story.....

Unemployment Rates for Recent College Graduates

And Other Groups unemployment


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Pract the Facts Is Now Online....Improve your researching skills today!

As an adult student looking to go back to school, or in the process of working toward a college degree, an important part of the process is doing good research. Practical learning believes that the best way to support any analysis whether in a political discussion with your co-workers, a sports discussion between friends, or when presenting your position in an academic setting, it is important that you know how to do the research so you can support your positions. At Practical learning we call this the ability to Pract The Facts .   When you Pract The Facts you make the information presented to you relevant by verifying its accuracy. When you Pract The Facts you provide support for information you are presenting to someone else.  

Can you Pract the facts?  Is what you see what you get?  This course teaches your student how to find truth in the abundance of information he or she is bomabarded with through various media outlets. How accurate is this ad?


Go to the course.


Experts Agree That Practical Learning is Important in Student Development.

What the experts say.

"One of the primary goals in education is to assist students in developing effective critical thinking skills."  (McMillan, 1987; Paul, 1993; National Institute of Education, 1984).


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Practical Learning and Vocational Education 

If you have considered using Practical learning as a foundation for you or your student’s education, then I would like to suggest to you to consider an age old discipline, Vocational education.   Vocational education has been around a long time, and has played an important role in providing skilled labor across the country for years.  As far back as 1862 with the enacting of the two Morrill Acts,


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Are you ready for Online Classes?

Online courses are becoming an important part of the education process and if you are an adult learner looking to continue your education you will probably be taking one of many.  For those who are first timers to this type of instruction there may be some apprehension about the process.  Some of the typical questions are centered on the time involved, writing skills, and the lack of personal attention if needed. These are all valid claims however with the proper preparation you should have no problem being successful in your online class. Read More.