Women in Congress and Issues On Racial Equality

The 2018 mid-term election represented what was called a “blue wave" in politics. That blue wave resulted in a change of control in the House of Representatives from republicans to democrats. Along with this blue wave came an increase in the number of women in the house of representatives,. For many people the fact that more women were elected to congress represent a change in how congress will operate.

Many believe that congress will work better with more women in office. It has often been said that women are more bipartisan in nature as well as morality driven in their ideas and legislation. Included in this assessment would also be the fact that women may be more supportive of issues relating to Civil Rights in the United States. While it is obvious that women of color in congress would be supportive of issues related to racial discrimination this is not necessarily the case with white women in congress. Exactly what affect will more women in congress have on this issue related to racial discrimination in the United States? This lesson plans explores this question and allows the student to make a determination so as to answer this question.

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