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How would you feel if you bought a car and found out that it was sold to you based on fraudulent information?  That is the case with the millions of Volkswagen owners who just found out that the car they bought is not what it was advertised to be.  It was recently discovered that Volkswagen installed a cheat device on its diesel engine cars that would allow the cars to pass emission test.  Once the test was over the cars emissions far exceeded the levels required by the Clean Air Act. This made the cars the opposite of what was advertised which was a clean diesel, high mileage automobile.  It also made the cars illegal to drive in the United States.  The result of this fraud has caused damage to the company’s reputation, huge dollar fines, expensive future repair cost, and possible compensation to millions of the owners of the cars. Pract The Facts on this issue in our discussion forum below.  Our lesson plan on this issue provides key words, discussion questions, and a quiz, to bring your students up to date on this current event. 


To provide the student with information on the VW Scandal so they can Pract The Facts on this issue. 

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