What Did They Say?

How astute are you with respect to the ability to Pract The Facts. Do people in political parties say the same things with respect to certain subjects.  What about key phrases or talking points repeated over and over again. Can you guess what the person will say about the subject just by who he is, his political party or the actual facts? Can you guess which facts he won't use to support his argument on the subject? To Pract The Facts you must be able to understand what is being said about a specific issue. Look at the video below and see if you can identify key phrases or words related to their view on healthcare. 


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What Use to be a Criminal Problem is Now A Health Problem

Posted by Practical Learning Online on March 22, 2017 at 5:30pm 1 Comment

Pract The Facts:

Look at the section in this video on drug use in the West Virginia town and comment.

This is a terrible health problem that should be addressed by our government....but why is it a health problem now? Pract The Facts. Become a member and comment below on our site.  

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