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Critical Analysis of Current Event Civics Activities in Today’s Media     

 A supplemental civics course in critical thinking and fact checking.

Course description

The course is designed to teach students how to critically seek out, analyze, and fact check information related to current event civic issues in the media.  By taking this class it is hoped the student will develop the skills to determine the validity and accuracy of the information they get from the media on civic related issues. Using articles and quotes from a variety of sources the student will discover how things such as omission, fake news, brand awareness, and point of view can affect how information is delivered via print, television, and social media.  Subjects covered in the course include issues both locally and nationally with respect to race, politics, education, health care and more. The students will be evaluated using essay writing, classroom participation, discussion questions and math problems.  It is also hoped that they will develop the ability to determine how they will react to the issue with respect to their life objectives and their community.

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 “Teaching civics is only partly the job of the schools. Other providers of such teaching—newspapers, unions, membership organizations and community groups— aren’t taking up the slack. People are sorting themselves into more politically and ideologically homogeneous communities than they used to, he says. And the gap between the haves and the have-nots when it comes to opportunities for civic engagement is bad and getting worse.” American Bar Association

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Practical Learning Online can teach this course at your location.  We provide the instructor and all course materials.

What we do?:

  1. We deliver the course at your location.
  2. We provide the instructors for the course.
  3. We provide course materials. Book: Pract The Facts.
  4. We provide feedback to all students in the course.

Class Size: 10 to 15 students

Length:  5 weeks

Cost Per Student:  $1010

Special Organization Rebate :  Earn $100 dollars for every student who takes one of our courses referred to us by your organization. Click here for details.

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Blog Posts

What Use to be a Criminal Problem is Now A Health Problem

Posted by Practical Learning Online on March 22, 2017 at 5:30pm 1 Comment

Pract The Facts:

Look at the section in this video on drug use in the West Virginia town and comment.

This is a terrible health problem that should be addressed by our government....but why is it a health problem now? Pract The Facts. Become a member and comment below on our site.  

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