What is Pract The Facts and How Do I Do it?

What is Pract The Facts and How Do I Do it?

Its all about you! Its all about critical thinking!

What does it mean to Pract The Facts?

It is the ability to find a practical application or use of the information you receive to your personal life. You are just asking yourself a few simple questions:

How do the facts apply to me?

How am I going to react to these facts?


How do I Pract The Facts?

You do this by verifying the information is accurate so you can make your decision on the facts alone. Below are some tips on the best ways to Pract The Facts.

  • Take the emotion out of the process.  It's not whether you like or dislike the source or its delivery method but whether it is the truth.
  • Take the time to do the work.  If it is information that will affect an important decision in your life spend the time to make sure the information is correct.
  • If you know what the information is about before it is given prepare yourself with a list of what information you are looking for.
  • If possible write down the answer to your questions.  It is easier to review the information if you can see it in front of you in black and white.  The words are what they are without any window dressing to make them seem what they are not.
  • Review the results of your Pract the Facts excercise away from the source.  For example if it is on televsion don't make your decision while you are looking at the person giving the information.  Turn off the television, look at your information and then Pract the Fact.
  • Support your position about the information with a verifiable source or fact.  List the source. 
  • This is not about personal opinions it is about actual facts.
  • Communicate and defend your position in writing using these facts.

You don't have to be an expert to check to see if the information you are getting is true or not.  You just need to spend the time and Pract The Facts. You will feel better when you do it yourself.  Thats what practical learning is all about.


At Pract The Facts we will provide a variety discussion forums on different subjects so you can Pract The Facts.  Just remember the most important rule...If you post it...Prove It!  To Pract The Facts on one or more of our topics click here.


Need More On How to Pract The Facts. Click here to access our Pract The Facts Lesson Plan.



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