How safe is the Cloud...Lesson Plan Demo

Lesson plan for: How Safe is the Cloud.

Lesson plan objectives:

To provide the student with enough information to determine if using the Cloud is a safe way to store their private data.

Lesson Plan Guide

Part 1


What is the Cloud quiz and powerpint Free Demo


Part  2


The Cloud is Safe Quiz and powerpoint Free Demo

Part 3


The Cloud is not Safe Quiz and powerpoint Free Demo

Lesson guide (includes discussion questions, math questions, and Key Terms)

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PowerPoint Presentation


Discussion Questions

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What Use to be a Criminal Problem is Now A Health Problem

Posted by Practical Learning Online on March 22, 2017 at 5:30pm 1 Comment

Pract The Facts:

Look at the section in this video on drug use in the West Virginia town and comment.

This is a terrible health problem that should be addressed by our government....but why is it a health problem now? Pract The Facts. Become a member and comment below on our site.  

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